Update 02

Whoa Daddy

Back at it again with another update! Thank you so much for your interest in what I do, whatever it may be. I hope you’ve been well, been fed and inspired by those around you. Even if it is just your plants or a glance out of the window. Your experience is so important. You are so full of it all.
I hope you enjoy some of what I have to share today.

I’m still doing strange edits of those back-stock photos I’ve got! Still trying to figure out what the heck Russ Murphy (Ruff Mercy) is doing with himself. Tis fun!


I’ve been exploring the art of recording. It is such a craft in itself it was hard to know where to start. Thankfully though, with the help of a few friends near and far, I worked up the confidence to finally finish a couple of tracks.
The first being an audio soundscape of the poem I shared here on PoSR a few weeks back titled, Chrysalis:
The mix may be a bit loud, I’m not sure! Let me know what you think and if you feel called to share any reactions, please do. It was really a pleasure and so cathartic to make. I look forward to recording more poetry like this in the future if it seems fitting.
Speaking of cathartic…
WARNING: this next part gets a little heavy. Heavy-lite, imo.

Whoa Daddy

I released a very…tender demo about my dad last week, bluntly titled, Dad.
My first demo ever.
The timing of life is so funny and never ceases to amaze me/ put me in my place.
I’d been sitting on this tune for at least a year.
I probably felt a sense of surprise hearing these words came out of my mouth for the first time. But it was like when you hear your subconscious whisper something in your dreams and you don’t know how to make sense of it yet. You ever get that?
Over time it’s been a lot of unpacking where this song have even come from. Of course, I know where it’s come from. But why now and with such clarity? I feel/felt very betrayed by my father, and yet my higher-self knows he is just a hurt man needing to be seen and forgiven just like everyone else.
The reality is though, (one that has hit me so hard as of late), is that I can forgive someone and that doesn’t mean they’ll ever change. I can forgive someone, and that doesn’t mean I should forget. I can forgive someone, and still be just as hurt.
It’s a rough take, but it feels appropriate presenting the track as it is.
The feedback I’ve gotten so far has been so supportive and reassuring. I really do feel the weight of your comments, even if I don’t respond. Thank you.

Onto lighter fare….MORE. WEIRD. FACES.


There are so many hurting things. Things that live inside, outside. Things out of our control. Things close and far away. It’s hard to know what to do with it all sometimes.
What one sees as raw, another might see as yesterday’s news. Nothing new. I forget how much we need an artist. All of them. But at least one we trust. At least one mirror to look upon. One source of something we forgot we had in us all along.
I hope you get the chance to connect with those artists sometime this week and practice being what you forgot, practice being little fuller and maybe a bit better at balancing it all too.
Thank you so much for reading.
Until next time,
Katie Berns
Points of Some Regard