Hey there,
I don’t have a preface for this. I’ve just been writing a lot lately and don’t want to hold onto anything anymore. I’m learning that there’s so much I need to let go of. Any idea of control. Any urgency. Any pressure. This anxiety I forget I have. It all comes from a belief that I am lacking in some way, that things won’t work out. All the tangents of those fears, all the manifestations. All the unconscious self-sabotage. You know.
To remember that we are each moving at our own pace, that we are each trying our best, is the most loving thing we can do. Let yourself be. Let the reflection, the confusion, the pain move through you and show you the other side. Let it round you out. Let it erode any sense of stagnancy, of certitude, and let it show you how to trust.
How many times do we have to remember to bring ourselves back? (This is the practice).
I guess I do have a preface. I don’t usually share poems this fresh, so it’s a little freaky.

Anywho, I wanted to let you know that I have a handful of linocut prints for sale! (See below).
If you’d like one, let me know!

Onto the poetry

And here we go
I expose my guts again
On a folded piece of paper I’ve thought of so much
May you not be mistaken
My life bleeds with every hand I lend to
And this gesture, hopeful poignancy,
Leaves me hanging
At the edge of life and death

I’m suspended
Held up by the air
Of yesterday’s memory
Has anyone
Ever written you poetry?

Kissing you
This morning
Two things
I love

Toss me
I want to fall down depths unknown
I do not know much, so it should be easy.
I will twirl and shout hymns of hope and solitude into the night
Knowing there’s always something easygoing, benevolent carrying me in their eyes.
I’m not rescued, I’m right.
I’m floating in between the dark and light
And I follow it. I have not a care where I will go.
Down into paths of pain and strife,
Balanced by the great joy of tomorrow.

I sacrifice
With each reply
I am a hunter
A fool
A novice flirt

Maze of Love
Maybe these ideas of some sort of path
Mark only the outline of this mysterious place
I do always enter without knowing
I don’t care when I get stuck
Sing me a song to sooth the scared moments
Write me a letter with no reply
Find me in a corner and lead me back to the start
I am willing to be wrong over and over
Just don’t forget you’re lost too.

I try
Not to fall
And you make me
I try
Not to lead
And I do
I try
Not to question
But it takes me
Am I allowed to ooze love so soon?

Time, Attention
The most valuable things
Can drain you
But just enough
Can fill you so much
All you can do is
Cry. Call. Open. And wait for more

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Thanks for your time.